Its been a LONG TIME!

Holy crap! I haven’t posted anything here in a long time! We’ve been busy getting the Brain Gravy podcast up and going again…and we did! So I guess this means I can pay some more attention to this site again!!

Links to Brain Gravy, more beer reviews, and more of my own nonsense coming soon!

Stepping up the homebrewing

Ok…I admit the first few stabs at homebrewing was done using a Mr. Beer kit. I have to say, the beers turned out pretty darned good, although a little on the sweet side, most likely due to the unfermented sugars from the bottle conditioning.

But…I am now ready to step up my game! On the lookout for a reasonably priced homebrewing starter kit….now that the weather is getting warmer, and, given the fact that my wife has put her foot down about letting me brew inside, I am going for it!!! I will use this site to keep my non readers of my progress!

Why am I doing this?

Hey there!

JustHarmless here from Brain Gravy! What am I doing here? I am not sure. I’ve decided to use this site to post beer reviews, some videos, basically all things beer. Why? Because Hop Therapy can cure everything!