Oh happy Days in northern NJ!

file_000Its time to celebrate if you live in northern NJ! Carton Brewing in Atlantic Highlands, is finally having some distribution to northern NJ. I love Carton Brewing; I think Carton and Kane Brewing are the two best breweries in New Jersey. The problem was that to get Carton around here ( I live in Morris County), you had to hope it was on tap somewhere, like the Cloverleaf Tavern in West Caldwell, or have a friend bring you some; this is outside of the obvious solution of going down to the brewery, of course! To my wonderful surprise, I went to Gary’s Wine and Market Place in Madison on Sunday with my wife to restock her wine supply, and, to my great delight, they had Carton’s IDIPA and Boat Beer in cans! I knew that Carton was planning on increasing its distribution, but, like an impatient child, the wait seemed to be forever…

Well..the wait is over! And it makes me incredibly happy because I love Carton’s beers. I, of course, am assuming that they will continue to increase the variety they can and distribute, and I will be at the store to buy their beers every time!!! So….Northern NJ…rejoice!!!


I do suck!

Yes…I admit it…I do suck. I started this site with the hope of really getting into a lot of things beer….reviews…discussions…industry stuff…hopefully not too political, just posts about the love of beer. And I’ve slacked…as big of a slack as is possible. I have kept the web domain, paying dutifully every year for many years. Then I hit a crossroads….either shit or get off the pot kind of stuff. And I’ve decided to give this one last go. I have let myself get way too lazy outside of my day job and exercise, and I need to reverse that trend. I do have the time, and have decided to work on at least one post a week, and work from there. I am using this in concert with my personal goal to open up a brewery, as well as getting my Brain Gravy podcast relevant again….

So…acknowledging that this is a pretty crappy post, it is a post and hopefully the start of a good run…


Its been a LONG TIME!

Holy crap! I haven’t posted anything here in a long time! We’ve been busy getting the Brain Gravy podcast up and going again…and we did! So I guess this means I can pay some more attention to this site again!!

Links to Brain Gravy, more beer reviews, and more of my own nonsense coming soon!

Stepping up the homebrewing

Ok…I admit the first few stabs at homebrewing was done using a Mr. Beer kit. I have to say, the beers turned out pretty darned good, although a little on the sweet side, most likely due to the unfermented sugars from the bottle conditioning.

But…I am now ready to step up my game! On the lookout for a reasonably priced homebrewing starter kit….now that the weather is getting warmer, and, given the fact that my wife has put her foot down about letting me brew inside, I am going for it!!! I will use this site to keep my non readers of my progress!

Why am I doing this?

Hey there!

JustHarmless here from Brain Gravy! What am I doing here? I am not sure. I’ve decided to use this site to post beer reviews, some videos, basically all things beer. Why? Because Hop Therapy can cure everything!